Working in clarification tanks

The control of clarification tanks during operation is possible without any interruptions in most of the cases. The repair and maintenance of clarification tanks during operation is mostly rather cost-efficient than a temporary decommissioning and draining for the execution of maintenance works.

Repair of clarification tanks in operating status

Our experience as industrial divers allows us to execute the repairs in operating status. The appropriate special equipment is conforming to the law and available for your and our safety.

Usual work in clarification tanks during operation:

  • setting of press rams and blisters
  • change of the rubber lip on the rake blade
  • change of the blade wheels on the rake blade
  • change of surface, pipe and platter aerators
  • exchange of valves
  • saving of disturbing objects
  • concrete repairs

What else can we do for you ?

Almost all of the usual works in clarification tanks can be done by our industrial divers. These are some of our operation areas:

  • all kind of repairs and the mounting of rake blades and stirring devices
  • setting of press rams and blisters
  • exchange of pipelines and platter aerators in operation
  • restoration of concrete damages
  • sludge suction
  • grouting cracks under pressure
  • saving of debris
  • documentation and establishing an inventory log for the plant operator/ client
  • change grafters of the distribution building

Industrial divers in clarification tanks

Our industrial divers all passed their examination to be a skilled commercial divers at the chamber of industry and commerce after finishing their divers teaching. All our works are done confirming the DGUV V40.